How to build muscle without gaining fat?

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We all want to build muscle, but no one wants to gain fat. When bulking up, the general process is that you bulk and then cut, meaning you workout and build muscle along with fat, and then you cut just the fat and not the muscle. Confusing? Yes. What if there was a way to avoid this whole process by simply keeping the fat off while you build the muscle?

How to build muscle without gaining fat?

There are a lot of factors that you must come to realize if you truly want to build lean mass, and keep the fat down.

#1. Diet. First off, diet is key to not only building lean mass, but the types of food you do or do not eat will also dictate how much muscle you can gain while at the same time not gaining fat. You want to get as much protein in as you possibly can while keeping carbs and fat relatively low. The more of your daily caloric needs you can fill by eating protein, the better.

#2. Timing. Just as important as the diet itself, is the timing of it. For example eating carbs right before bed is absolutely not a good thing to do. Also preworkout and postworkout meals are very important as you want to get protein in before and after working out to get your muscles the building blocks that they need to grow.

#3. Workouts. Building muscle while keeping fat off, is a delicate balance of compound exercises, machines, and cardio. Obviously you should be lifting heavy anywhere from 3-5 times per week, with a combination of weights and machines. But at the same time, you want to get a little bit of cardio in to help keep the love handles off. However you do not want to do much cardio as to deplete your calories, making it harder to be in a caloric surplus.

#4. Supplements. An optional part of bodybuilding is to use supplements. One of the big ones that may be considered crucial to your success is whey protein powder. It sometimes is not realistic to get all of your protein from just your food. Mixing in a few scoops of whey protein into milk or water, making pancakes or breads with them, can be a great way to get that extra protein.

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