Anabolic Food List & Mistakes Made often during Anabolic Diet!

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Anabolic foods are used for muscle building and fat burning. They involve doing away with carbohydrates in your diet and focusing on proteins and fats. Anabolic diet achieves this by manipulating the muscle building hormones in the body. This diet is natural and thus achieves better results than steroids.

Here comes Anabolic foods lists taken in a weekly schedule.

Anabolic food list for weekdays:

  • Fats and veggies,
  • Proteins,
  • Fatty red meat,
  • Eggs,
  • Full fat cheese,
  • Fatty fish,
  • Olive oil,
  • Cabbage ,
  • Spinach,
  • Broccoli

Anabolic food list for weekends which includes a lot of carbs and low proteins intake:

  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Potatoes
  • Fruits

Five mistakes you might make when following Anabolic Diet:

Avoiding fat

Considering the fact that you will not be eating carbs for a number of days, you do not have any other source of energy. For this reason, you need fats. Fats are also energy giving foods and will substitute carbs till the next time you eat them. Many people will be worried about getting fat because of eating lots of fats. What they do not know is that eating fats regularly will cause the body to store less of it. Therefore, you will not grow fat if you eat fats daily during your anabolic diet. Besides, the fats you eat will be used to generate the energy you need.

Eating when hungry

You need to eat after every two hours, whether you are hungry or not. The fat in you anabolic diet tends to make you feel satisfied for longer periods thus cheating you that you do not need to eat until a later time. It is important that you remember that food is energy to the body. The more you eat, the more energy you have. If you ignore this and only eat when you are hungry during your anabolic diet, you’ll start feeling weak. This will reduce your productivity levels. Therefore, eat, eat after every two hours.

Avoiding vegetables

Many people are tempted to avoid using vegetables during their anabolic diet. Vegetables will ensure you have a good digestion. Look at it this way, your body is not used to taking in a lot of meat and fat. For this reason, during the first weeks, you may experience diarrhea and constipation. To stop this, you will need lots of vegetables and fiber content. Make sure you take at least 50 grams of fiber every day; this will ensure your digestion goes smoothly. Eating a lot of fiber will also prevent you from feeling hungry quickly.

Focusing too early on weight loss/gain

Considering the fact that many people start anabolic diet to help them change their weight: weight loss or weight gain, there is a tendencies to focus on the weight loss or weight gain too early. Anabolic diet simply means that you change your diet greatly. Give your body some time to adjust and get used to it. Some time like four weeks. If you focus too early on weight loss or weight gain, you might end up frustrating yourself, wondering why the results this diet promised are taking too long to show. After hour body has adjusted and gotten used to the diet, it will surprise you how easy the rest of the journey is.

Quitting too early

Change sometimes hits the body hard. You can’t meet the first obstacle and run off. It is important that you keep working at it and you will finally see the results you yearn for so much. Now that you know some of the mistakes you might be making, find a way to curb their effects of don’t make them at all. In a matter of weeks, you will be singing a happy song.


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